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Services Offered

Services availanle at The Bicycle Barn

As an experienced bicycle workshop we offer a variety of services to meet customers requirements:


Bronze Service
Our bronze service is also known as a safety check. This is the service for you if you just want your gears checked and brakes too along with key components to ensure your bicycle is safe to ride.

Silver Service
Our silver service is a standard bike service and the most popular service we offer. It involves servicing the whole bike, checking all parts function correctly, adjusting any bearings if parts like wheel hubs have play, and truing the wheels if there is minor buckling. If you are regularly riding your bike then this would be recommended as your interim or 6 month service.

Gold Service
Our gold service is a full stripdown of your bicycle, removing AND cleaning your gears and brakes before checking and installing. We also check all threads and surfaces, and do everything we will do on a silver service. This is a great choice for an annual service, or for a bike that hasnt been used for a while and is about to go back into regular use.

Disc Brake Bleeding
A disc brake bleed removes air and any contaminents from your hydraulic braking system, drastically improving performance and reducing wear and rubbing. We flush the old oil through with new brake oil, remove any air from the system and then set up your brake calipers for correct alignment.

Wheel Building
We offer a full wheel building service, having built hundreds of wheels over the years. We can help with specifications, and organise spokes and nipples of the correct length using our spoke calculator software.

Bike Builds
Whether you have bought a boxed bike online or from a superstore, or you have a £7,000 race bike you want built to perfection, we offer bike building, and treat every bike we build as if it is one of our own.