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Bespoke Cycle Repair Courses

Our Cycle Repair Course, for just £99

- Feel confident repairing or servicing your bicycle
- Learn why things are not right, and what to do to fiix them
- Try learning something new!

Our cycle repair training courses are tailored to the individual, and offered on a one-to-one basis only. So whether you want to know how to repair a puncture yourself, or want to fully strip down and rebuild your bike, we will tailor the course to suit your exact needs.

We currently offer our 3 hour course, and have paused our 7 hour course - despite demand - due to staff shortages. If you wish to book more than one 3 hour session we do offer a 10% discount on 2 sessions, which will be applied when you pay for your booking.

About the course

Our 3 hours courses are popular for complete novices through to those who want to learn specific tasks around bike servicing and we can cover almost anything from replacing an inner tube to wheel building.

The only area we don't cover is suspension servicing, due to the availability of parts and fork and shock specific servicing requirements, which for some brands means shocks can only be serviced at a designated service centre.


About our workshop

When you have a technician/trainer with over 35 years of experience, then you will have a workshop well equipped to deal with most bicycles and repairs. Our workshop is ventilated and air conditioned/heated, and is a live, working workshop, so everything is laid out for optimum work when we are not training you to look after your bicycle. We have a range of Park, DT Swiss, Lezyne and professional engineering tools at our disposal, and can also offer you advice on the best tools for the job if you are looking to equip your own DIY workshop, or just your back pack for the commute to work.

About the trainers

These courses are managed by myself, Scott Hargrave. I am a former cycle technician trainer and an NVQ assessor for a large high street retailer, and also Cytech 2 qualified. Having repaired bikes for over 35 years I have a wealth of knowledge and tips plus tricks to share. My experience goes beyond the bike workshop, having also been the creator and developer of the Pinnacle Bikes range of bicycles, and also working on other bespoke projects. I have also run wintersports technician courses for 10 years, so am experienced in helping to communicate technical information at a level the individual understands and will gain confidence from.

I am supported by Justin Nash, an experienced cycle retailer and technician with over 30 years experience, who has a similar arsenal of hints and tips to help explain how to get the best from your bicycle whether you are a total beginner or an experienced cyclist.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants would be on the course?  
One. We are set on this, we tried doing this with partners/friends etc, and it just doesn’t work. To be able to offer at this trial price, and be able to cover everything and not be pinging from pillar to post, only one person can attend, as we are not running to a pre-set training programme which you can find elsewhere, it is completely bespoke to the individual attending, with your own bike technician working with you to show you whatever you would like to know specific to your needs and/or bike. So having 2 people could mean twice the content needing to be covered or one person dominating proceedings to the detriment of the other attendee. 😊

How many bikes can I bring with me?
One. We want to spend the time showing you as much as possible. This course isn't designed to do several bike services cheaply, its offered to show you a new set of skills or better ways to complete bike maintenance yourself

Do I need to bring a bike with me?
We would recommend bringing your own so we can show you how to do tasks specific to your bike. However we can arrange to have bikes here to demonstrate the techniques you will want to learn if required. Please let us know when you have booked if you need us to provide a bicycle.


If you want to discuss your needs for the course further, please feel free to contact us via the contact page, or you can give us a call on 01403 915 659. 

Booking your place

Book your 3 hour course with our online booking system: